Do. Your.
Own. Thing.

The Vaat manifesto

Don’t run after the market. Follow your drive and curiosity. Create the market.
Beer styles are like crutches. Learn to walk without them, they’re limiting your movement.
Be anti-mainstream even in an anti-mainstream environment. Spend your “fucks given” wisely.
Don’t be afraid of taking the hard way. Doing things right creates true satisfaction. Quality is not negotiable.
Never stop improving. Your process, your beers, yourself. Innovation is the only way to win.
Don’t compare to others. Ignore the haters, love those who appreciate what you do. Include them in your dream.
Do your own thing.

Our beers

Jailhouse Brew

Jailhouse Brew

Russian Imperial Oatmeal Stout
ABV 9.1%

Jailhouse Brew icon

“If thrown in the old jailhouse, this is the beer we cook. Jailhouse Brew is complex and opaque like the story that got us locked up. It’s coffee, smoke and body salts behind iron bars, and it’s strong enough to get us out again.”

Available in all our markets.

Witty Nelson

Witty Nelson

Wit inspired ale
ABV 5.5%

Witty Nelson icon

Summer in a bottle. Dry hopped with Nelson Sauvin, Witty Nelson starts off as the perfectly refreshing summer beer. As it ages, the tropical notes make way for a growing complexity of wit spiciness, saison characteristics, and the elegant aromas of white wine.

Available in all our markets.

Lager than Life

Lager than Life

Hoppy Vienna Red
ABV 4.7%

Lager than Life icon

Some beer archeology, quite a bit of Vienna malt, Tettnanger and Citra dry hops. This Vienna Red, an almost extinct style, is our contribution to the world of Lager. This is not a generic loveless brew, this is Lager than Life.

Available in all our markets.



New England Double IPA
ABV 8.0%

Blimey! icon

Baconian, Balanced, Beauteous, Beautiful, Becoming, Bedazzling, Befriended, Believable, Belonging, Beloved, Beneficial, Benignant, Better, Better-than-before, Best, Bewitching, Beyond dreams, Big.

Out of stock.

India Pale Kölsch

India Pale Kölsch

Session IPA
ABV 4.6%

IPK icon

Pilsner malt and Kölsch yeast. Amarillo and Jarrylo. Crisp, aromatic, highly drinkable. Our take on the session IPA – the IPK.

Available in all our markets.

Forest Dubbel

Forest Dubbel

Belgian Ale with Estonian Cowberries
ABV 7.5%

Forest Dubbel icon

A salute to the Estonian autumn. This beer blends the malt and yeast forward qualities of Belgian ales with the sour, fruity and refreshing notes of hand-picked Estonian cowberries.

Seasonal, currently not available.

San of a Birch

San of a Birch

Nordic Sake Beer
ABV 7.0%

San of a Birch icon

A prototype we can't wait to produce.

Not released yet.

Where to find our beer


Barlova, Tartu
Brewdog Bar, Tallinn
Drink Pub, Tallinn
De Tolly, Tartu
Gambrinus, Tartu, Pärnu & Viljandi
Hell Hunt, Tallinn
Humalakoda, Tallinn
Kaubamaja, Tallinn & Tartu
Koht, Tallinn
Kolm Sibulat, Tallinn
Kuldmokk, Tallinn
Leib Resto ja Aed, Tallinn
Mantel ja Korsten, Tallinn
Meat Market Steak & Cocktail, Tartu
Moon Restoran, Tallinn
NagaNaga, Tallinn
SIP Shop, Tallinn
St. Vitus, Tallinn
Stockmann, Tallinn
Taptap, Tallinn
Umami Resto, Tallinn
Pudel Bar, Tallinn
Põrgu, Tallinn
Uba ja Humal, Tallinn, Haapsalu & Kuressaare
Väike Roosa Õllepood, Tallinn
Veinibaar Shvips, Tallinn

Online shops

Saveur Bière, FR, BE, NL, IT & ES, NL
Drinks of the World, SUI
Drink Shop, SUI


One Pint Pub, Helsinki (Importer)
Davisto, Espoo
Harry's, Jyväskylä
K-Citymarket Ruoholahti, Helsinki
K-Supermarket Arabia, Helsinki
K-Supermarket Kamppi, Helsinki
K-Supermarket Länsiväylä, Jyväskylä
Kievari Kahdet Kasvot, Tampere
Konttori, Tampere
Molotow, Helsinki
Oljenkorsi, Helsinki
Pien, Helsinki
Ravintola Tehdas, Orimattila
Ravintola Toveri, Helsinki
Vihreä Haltiatar, Jyväskylä


Herr Rizzi (Importer)
Coop, over 200 supermarkets
Du Nord, Bern
Drinks of the World, Zürich, Basel, Bern, Oerlikon, Winterthur & Genève
Kaiser Franz, Zürich
Kolonial, Bern
Marta Cafe.Musik.Bar, Bern
Migrolino Mittelstrasse, Bern
O'BLOC, Ostermundigen
Schichtwechsel, Liebefeld, Bern
TacTac Cycling, Bern
Zoobar, Bern

The Netherlands

New Beer Frontier (Importer)
Bierboetiek De Zythotheek, Valkenburg
Burg Bieren, Ermelo
Café Piet Huisman, Nijmegen
De Bierboutique, Weert
De Bierbrigadier, Eindhoven
De Bierkoning, Amsterdam
De Biertonne, Overijssel
De Bierverteller, Utrecht
De Drie Dorstige Herten, Utrecht
De Ridder, Wijn, Bier en Lekkernijen, Barendrecht
Dorst Craft Beer Shop, Den Haag
Drie Meter Bier, Utrecht
Edrinks M van Bergen, Eindhoven
Melgers, Haarlem
Slijterij van Pernis, Arnhem
Slijterij Zuilen, Utrecht
Slijterij ‘t Pijpke, Helmond
Soffree on fifty-four, Oud-Beijerland


Beerfox/Callous Alus, Riga (Importer)
Alus Pasaules, Riga
Beerfox Shop and Bar, Riga
Easy Beer, Riga
Red Sun Buffet, Liepaja
Taka, Riga
The Armoury Bar, Riga
Valmiermuižas alus vēstniecība, Rīgā
Walters & Grapa, Riga


Masters of Cheese, Vilnius

Our pilot brewery

We develop all our recipes at our lab brewery in Tallinn, Estonia. With great care for quality and detail we brew and improve each recipe until we're happy with the result. Our lab is the heart of our company. No matter how much we grow, our lab will always stay the intimate place of creativity it is now.

Contact us

Vaat OÜ

Türi 6
11313 Tallinn
[email protected]

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