Do. Your.
Own. Thing.

Building the future

We followed our own advice and are Doing. Our. Own. Thing. Vaat is currently building a brewery and a bar in the center of Tallinn.

Our VISION is a place of great fresh beers, low-alcohol alternatives and other interesting beverages where beer lovers from around the world meet to witness the latest innovation in ecologically sustainable, high-quality micro brewing.

In 2019 and 2020 we were able to secure the financial means to realise our dream.

We are very grateful to our amazing community, our many helpers, our 188 investors, the state of Estonia, and the EU for their support. This is a truly ambitious project on a rather tight budget. Our excessively hard work is currently being rewarded with the luck of the brave. There is struggle, there is progress, there are setbacks, there's success.

While the bar has already celebrated its first anniversary, the brewery is still to be completed. In the meantime we're also working on a new website. Stay tuned!

Teeme oma asja ja ehitame tulevikku

Vaat pruulikoja eesmärk on toota head õlut, vastutustundlikult. Selleks oleme Tallinna kesklinna ehitamas innovatiivset, väikseima jalajäljega pruulikoda Eestis (et mitte öelda maailmas).

Pruulikoja ehitamiseks saime toetust kokku 188 erainvestorilt, Eesti riigilt ja Euroopa Liidult. Oleme teile lõputult tänulikud!

Lisaks pruulikojale on valmimas ka uus veebileht, kus saab olema rohkem ja oluliselt detailsemat infot nii pruulikoja kui meie toodete kohta. Seni palume lisainfo saamiseks pöörduda meie poole läbi meie sotsiaalmeediakanalite või meiliaadressil [email protected].


PRIA Logo and EAFRD Emblem

The investments of our 188 shareholders have been supported by ARIB (PRIA) within the framework of the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD). In 2019 we were awarded a grant of 175'000€ to aid the purchase of production equipment for the new brewery.

Meie 188 osaniku investeeringuid toetab Euroopa Maaelu Arengu Põllumajandusfond (EAFRD) raames PRIA. 2019. aastal saime uue pruulikoja tootmisseadmete soetamiseks toetust summas 175 000 eurot.

Our beers

Jailhouse Brew

Jailhouse Brew

Russian Imperial Oatmeal Stout
ABV 9.1%

Jailhouse Brew icon

“If thrown in the old jailhouse, this is the beer we cook. Jailhouse Brew is complex and opaque like the story that got us locked up. It’s coffee, smoke and body salts behind iron bars, and it’s strong enough to get us out again.”

Available in all our markets.

Witty Nelson

Witty Nelson

Wit inspired ale
ABV 5.5%

Witty Nelson icon

Summer in a bottle. Dry hopped with Nelson Sauvin, Witty Nelson starts off as the perfectly refreshing summer beer. As it ages, the tropical notes make way for a growing complexity of wit spiciness, saison characteristics, and the elegant aromas of white wine.

Available in all our markets.

Lager than Life

Lager than Life

Hoppy Vienna Red
ABV 4.7%

Lager than Life icon

Some beer archeology, quite a bit of Vienna malt, Tettnanger and Citra dry hops. This Vienna Red, an almost extinct style, is our contribution to the world of Lager. This is not a generic loveless brew, this is Lager than Life.

Out of stock.



New England Double IPA
ABV 8.0%

Blimey! icon

Baconian, Balanced, Beauteous, Beautiful, Becoming, Bedazzling, Befriended, Believable, Belonging, Beloved, Beneficial, Benignant, Better, Better-than-before, Best, Bewitching, Beyond dreams, Big.

Out of stock.

India Pale Kölsch


Session IPA
ABV 4.6%

IPK icon

Pilsner malt and Kölsch yeast. Amarillo and Jarrylo. Crisp, aromatic, highly drinkable. Our take on the session IPA – the IPK.

Available in all our markets.

Forest Dubbel

Forest Dubbel

Belgian Ale with Estonian Cowberries
ABV 7.5%

Forest Dubbel icon

A salute to the Estonian autumn. This beer blends the malt and yeast forward qualities of Belgian ales with the sour, fruity and refreshing notes of hand-picked Estonian cowberries.

Seasonal, currently not available.

San of a Birch

San of a Birch

Nordic Sake Beer
ABV 7.0%

San of a Birch icon

A prototype we can't wait to produce.

Not released yet.

The Vaat manifesto

Don’t run after the market. Follow your drive and curiosity. Create the market.
Beer styles are like crutches. Learn to walk without them, they’re limiting your movement.
Be anti-mainstream even in an anti-mainstream environment. Spend your “fucks given” wisely.
Don’t be afraid of taking the hard way. Doing things right creates true satisfaction. Quality is not negotiable.
Never stop improving. Your process, your beers, yourself. Innovation is the only way to win.
Don’t compare to others. Ignore the haters, love those who appreciate what you do. Include them in your dream.
Do your own thing.

Where we grew up

In our nomadic period we developed all our recipes at our lab brewery in Tallinn, Estonia. With great care for quality and detail we brewed and improved each recipe until we were happy with the result. Most of the beers we created in that way were then produced in Belgium, at the renowned De Proefbrouwerij. We also brewed at a couple of Estonian breweries.

Contact us

Vaat OÜ

Telliskivi 60/1 (postbox & official address)
Telliskivi 60M (location)
10412 Tallinn

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